I asked a guy out on a date. This wasn’t my first time but this was a new guy. We had been on about 3-4 dates over the course of a year going on two. I somehow always end up in some boomerang situation with the same man lol. We met at a family function, he was a friend of the family.

A Dating Story

How It Started

My cousin was my wing man and I ended up with his number. The next day I sent that text! Bold AF!

We went on a few dates a few weeks after I sent that text. We went to beer gardens, and had convos about our different cultures which were very similar. His family was from Ghana.

We met in the middle of summer so fast forward to the fall season, I went back to school. He went back for the winter semester so our schedules changed and we just stopped communicating.

Now I’m bringing you to the summer of the next year where I ran into him at a day party. We didn’t act like strangers, which was pleasing. We shared a hug and I got drunk off the bottomless mimosas and shots I had with my sister so I don’t remember the rest lol.

The Day Of The Date

A few months later he popped up in a picture with my cousin on Instagram so I decided to hit him up. He was receptive, so we chopped it up a bit about how the last year had been for us both. I then suggested we go get a drink since it had been so long.

I got cute ok! I had on my favorite jeans of the moment, you know the ones that hug your hips and waist and you don’t need a belt for it? Yea those ones. It was winter in Brooklyn, so I put on a long sleeve crop top to show my gym progress (wink wink). I caked my face on to my closest Jackie Aina look with the little makeup I owned with a dark red statement lip. I wish I took a pic.

I got to the spot before he did so I sat at the bar. Made friends with the bartender and had a great convo about how many girls normally sit at his bar for hours waiting for a date lol. I was waiting for about 45mins, he did communicate his tardiness though so I wasn’t too upset. By the time he got there I was on my second cocktail, compliments of the bartender. I saw him walking to the door but acted like I didn’t by the time he touched the handle to open the door. He tapped me on my shoulder and I swung around with the surprised yet cute face with a slight smirk.

I stood up from my bar stool to give him a hug. His arms hugged me tight, positioned at the small of my back, then as we separated from the hold, he held my hand and looked me up and down while saying “ok body!! I see you!”. I was like, who me?

Backstory: The year we fell off on communication, the last he heard from me was that I was working out 1 hour a day for 5 days and by that time he saw me, ya girl had gains!

Any who, we ordered food, I had two more drinks and he had one. It was like no time had passed. We spoke like old friends, brought up our past dates with each other and other people. Laughed and laughed some more. After an hour or so I got up to use the restroom, I came back to the table and then he went to the restroom. When he came back, we finished our drinks then put on our coats to leave.

How Embarrassingly Hilarious

He opens the door for me as we exit, we J-walk across the street to his car and as we got to the other side we heard “excuse me, EXCUSE ME!”. So we turn around, trying to find out what’s going on (it’s Brooklyn so I’m already upset that I’m in heels if I have to run). It was the bartender calling us, he said we didn’t pay the bill. I looked at him, he looked at me…

Him: I thought you paid.

Me: I thought you paid!

Him: But you asked me out so I thought you paid.

Me: You said you were ready to go so I assumed you paid when I went to the bathroom.

We both busted out laughing and headed back to the restaurant to pay. We laughed with the bartender as he handed us our separate bills. We paid for our own meals and left again. He drove me to the train station, then he headed to his other event of the day and that was the last time we ever saw each other. Communication ceased again and the desire to reach out dissolved.

That was the day I learned that the person who asks for the date is responsible for the bill or at least their own portion.

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