Whether you are team Molly or team Issa, their friendship has made you reflect upon your own life. Maybe you have lived through a similar situation or you know a friend who has. It is so well written, in my opinion, that I wonder if Issa took some stories from my life. I have watched this show from season 1 episode 1 and to see the state of their friendship now feels extremely personal.

In last night’s episode Issa was rolling solo. It was like I saw myself moving through the episode. I have been one a quest by myself, going out and meeting new people. Doing things that I believed were my own ideas of fun without the influence of anyone. Thankfully I didn’t meet a group of girls who would befriend me and leave me with the bill. I wish her first reaction was real, that girl deserved a painting to the head but I digress.

Issa was finding solace in being without the friendship of Molly. She was going about her day and the idea of Molly and her opinions were nowhere near her thought process. I have been there before. Fresh out of a long friendship with a painful end and feeling ok about it. I didn’t miss the friendship because the happier times were buried in a fog of the most recent events. The hurt that I suffered at the hand of my friend was too much to bare. So much that I wasn’t sure if I could call them friend ever again.

I understood why Issa turned back around and got in her car after seeing Molly sitting inside their favorite restaurant. Some people may say that Issa was avoiding confrontation. I saw it as her not being ready to have that conversation yet. She needed time to sort out her feelings. You know when you get in an argument and after it’s over you get a rush of what you should have said? Well that happens to me every time I’m not given my space to process what has happened. The person who doesn’t want to talk about the matter right away is always seen as weak or selfish. Simply because they choose to handle a situation differently. Choosing yourself and protecting your energy can easily come off as being closed off, or just mean. These women have both grown a lot since season 1 episode 1 and it’s evident. I think they both need to take some time to accept the changes that they’re gone through and accept the new versions of each other. They communicate differently now and the tension needs to die down a bit before they can work through it.

I believe Molly and Issa can still be friends. It definitely won’t be the same friendship they’ve had before. That version is dead and can never be revived due to that incident. That blow up at the block party is what killed the old version of their friendship. Their new friendship can be formed with an even stronger bond now as grown women with thriving careers. Having mutual understanding and respect for the people they are now and loving each other without conditions. If they are both willing to work on it of course. Maybe it will be therapy or just time apart. For me, I’ve taken the time apart for myself and my friend and I have worked through our issues.

My friend and I discuss each episode now because we have been there with each other before. I have been in Molly’s shoes once when it came to wanting your friend to be there for you but they keep talking about themselves. But I resonate more with Issa with everything else, maybe it’s a personality thing.

I didn’t think a TV show would get me like this but I ain’t mad at it. I’ll be tuning in for the next episode with my bottle of wine ready to yell at the screen.

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