When I saw “Work” was calling me

A month ago I was just on my way to his house for the weekend. It was just a 2 hour drive to spend the weekend with him and have a cute little date night. I took Friday off work so I could run errands, then I headed over around 2pm. As soon I parked my car I got a call from work. Now, I’m already rolling my eyes because I can’t stand a work call on my day off because I can’t possibly help any work situation while I’m away from my computer and for heaven’s sake just let me be! But I digress. The call was to loop me in to the company’s decision to close the office by the end of the upcoming week due to Covid-19.

I saw this coming

We were given a week to gather all necessary items in order to work from home until further notice. Well it just so happened that I had everything I needed in my car and I take my work laptop home with me every day so I was set. The state of Virginia was now closing all non-essential businesses and the toilet paper was now extinct (I still don’t understand why this happened). We have all been keeping up with the news and as unbelievable as it was unfolding, we were trying our best to prepare for the quarantined days to come. When I got to his house first thing I did was take off those grey sweatpants. Nothing was promised and it had been one hell of a week. We hadn’t seen each other in two weeks and we had no intention of wasting any more time.

He loved on me like we were in a pandemic.

Like I was a moment he needed to savor.

As if my body was his profession.

What a perfect world

Put it on him

Date night was suppose to be at The Crab Palace but they were only doing take out orders so that’s what we did. I had the half pound of snow carb legs, half pound of shrimp with potatoes, sausages and corn. He had the same as me but a pound each of course. His bar was stocked so it was only right that we had some margaritas to make the night even better. It was a perfect night that was going to lead into a perfect week, I thought. Monday I logged in to work and it was a bit chaotic with the Zoom meetings but after the morning rush my normal work pace was restored. He was working from home too and I’m happy that my lunch hour was more satisfying that just left over seafood. By Wednesday we had a routine that consisted of ripping each other’s clothes off every lunch hour, bathroom break or any down time between emails and phone calls. But by day 8 I realized how much I missed my own space.

It was all good a few moments ago

We were both starting to really see how the other lived. We’ve only been together for about 8 months and for me it was the longest honeymoon stage ever. I don’t know if I simply chose not to notice before but he sleeps like he’s always in a fight. Always ends up on my side of the bed and sleeps like a boulder so it takes awhile to push him back to his side. He was getting annoyed by my actions too. See, I like to keep my water out on the counter (room temperature kinda girl) but as soon as I blink he throws it out and puts the cup in the sink. We were bickering about everything! From whether or not pots and pans should be stored in the oven to why not use the dishwasher instead of wasting time washing by hand. He would catch me staring at him and think I was just being my usual horny self but I was really just wondering if I saw a future for us.

Can we make it?

We’re heading into two months of being quarantined together and playing house can be fun at times. Then other times I think I should just go back to my place because maybe this was too much too fast. But hell, this quarantine was too much too fast thanks to the rona, so why overthink spending time with someone who makes you happy? Our differences and quirks are just eye openers not deal breakers. But I sure do miss my bed and not being judged for drinking wine everyday after work (red wine is good for you, there’s a study somewhere in the internet). Being cooped up in the house not going on dates, my knotless braids a mess and his beard growing out is not how I pictured us when we first met a few months ago on that dating app but here we are. I’m confident that we can make it to another month but I might need to go home because there are a few things rotting away in my fridge and it’s giving me anxiety just thinking about it.

I’ll be back next month with another update or sooner if I can’t take it anymore and high tail it to my own apartment.


This was a short fictional story by a fictional character Lena. Hope you enjoyed. xoxo JayEll

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