In this current climate we have to intentionally be proud of ourselves, our accomplishments and our contributions to society. I watched the commercial for The Honey Pot Company and saw Bea Dixon’s face filled with joy while giving the world the shortest version of her story. Getting her products into the Target stores was no easy task but she did it and in that commercial she was proud of herself. It is important for other black girls to see that. To see themselves in others who are entrepreneurs, retailers, creators etc. It. Is. Important.

Beatrice Dixon, creator of The Honey Pot Company

My honey loves The Honey Pot

The Honey Pot Normal Foam Wash and wipes

I started using The Honey Pot Company Feminine Foam Wash Sensitive System about two years ago. Mainly because I ran out of my Nene Femme Health (another black owned company) wash and they were sold out. It was all natural and gentle like my other wash so after a few uses I fell in love. I started to tell anyone who would listen about it. My body reacted well to The Honey Pot and I loved that I could just pop in to Target or Walmart here in Virginia and grab a bottle or two. My other wash is strictly online but I have no doubt that they will also make it to stores soon.

Nene Femme Health Vagina Therapy Feminine Wash

Commercials never catered to me

Growing up I cannot think of any TV commercials that had the owner of the company front and center with their products that made me see myself in their reflection. When I got a perm I had to have the Just For Me box because there was a black girl on the box. Of course 10yr old me didn’t know the dangers of a perm or who even made it but that’s another story. It was simply because I saw someone who had my complexion, I wanted to be in that same group. It’s the same feeling with why I have been trying so many black owned/created products. I see myself in them and now thanks to technology I can research these companies that I want to support. That is the importance of The Honey Pot commercial.

Inspiration for the dreamer in me

Supporting and encouraging black girls to go for their dreams and even dream bigger is not anti-any other race. We need to see that our wildest dreams are actually attainable. That others who look like us have accomplished great things and so can we. Like Bea Dixon said in the commercial, “The reason why it’s so important for The Honey Pot to do well is so that the next black girl that comes up with the next great idea, she can have a better opportunity, that means a lot to me” Whether she’s in kindergarten or just celebrated her 40th birthday, receiving that type of encouragement literally keeps our hope alive. Bea Dixon’s story is an inspiration to all who have visions of creating something amazing that can be shared with the world. Nerissa Nefeteri, creator of Nene Femme Health, is another inspirational figure who has created phenomenal products for women to enjoy their womanhood.

She Did That!

If you haven’t already, I will encourage you to watch the “She Did That” documentary on Netflix. It uplifted me and opened up my mind to tap into my own potential and not be afraid to create what is lacking in my life. Luvvie Ajayi, Lisa Price, Melissa Butler, Tonya Rapley and Denequa Williams Clarke. Just to name a few of the beautiful black women featured in the documentary. Their stories about how they persevered to turn their dreams into reality were uplifting. I already knew about Luvvie, I have used Lisa Price’s Carol’s Daughter products before but it was refreshing to learn more about them. Now I’m also a customer to Melissa Butler’s Lip Bar. Her Ms. Independent lip gloss is the most fitting shade of nude brown for my complexion and I love it!

“Sue Me, I’m rooting for everybody black” – Wale

Be proud to support black women who create products that cater to you. Be proud to use these women as examples to the younger generation of black girls. Do not allow anyone to tell you that you cannot celebrate yourself and others that look like you who are doing astounding things. Like Issa Rae said, I root for everybody black because it is well deserved. But most importantly root for yourself and never apologize for doing so.

Song: Sue Me by Wale
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  1. Yes, Yes, and Yes. I support all things black unapologetically that is design to benefit, uplift, and support the culture. Point blank and periodt. Thank you for this post sis. Big up.

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