Think about the amount of pressure we place upon ourselves simply because we are of a certain age. There’s so much pressure that we don’t even stop to be thankful for all that we have accomplished and how far we’ve come. No matter how slow the process is, we all grow as we navigate through life. Sometimes I like to take a minute to look back at where I was 5 or 10 years ago and it’s definitely an improvement.

I just found my voice a few years ago. Yea that sounds weird but what I mean is that I recently just learned how to speak up for myself. I was a shy kid and as a teenager and into my early 20s I just went along with a lot of things people wanted just because I was afraid of not being liked if I said no. That was a stressful way to live (half of my blemishes in my last post was a result of stress as well). I was just your typical “yes girl”, anything that was asked of me, I was doing it. I learned how to braid hair early and I was exceptional at it, but at one point I was braiding everybody’s hair so much that I started to hate doing something I once loved. I’m not sure when it actually happened but I just remember I was saying NO to a lot of things I use to say YES to and I was being questioned about it. When I started to hear a lot of “WHY’s” asking me to explain why I no longer wanted to do certain things that’s when I knew I had changed.

Personal growth is something I’ve learned to give myself credit for over the past couple of years. Of course I still have some more growing to do but I am really proud of myself for being in control of my actions. In this world, you will run into many people who will have an opinion on what you choose to do with your life. Caring about what they say is the fastest way to unhappiness and stress. Once you are secure in who you are, nothing anyone says will shake you.

1 Corinthians 13: 11 says “When I was a child I spoke as a child, I thought as a child, but when I became a (wo)man, I put away childish things”. I share that to say, it is ok to change and grow, it is ok to not want or do the same things you did as a child, teenager or even when you were 5 years younger than you are now. Find the beauty in your evolution and embrace it. Most importantly, don’t ever let anyone make you feel defective for changing. The world itself is ever changing and we should be growing with it if not ahead of it. Some people may not understand your change and that’s ok, leave them behind, they might catch up to you one day…maybe.



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